Hoggers Berry Blast Treats

  • 100 percent soft meaty treats
  • Formulated by industry leading experts for dogs
  • Packed in resealable zip lock pouches (food grade)
  • Contains real boneless chicken (HACCP & Halal certified)
  • Contains nature identical Berry Flavour
  • Highly palatable and nutritious
  • Premium quality
  • Made from human grade raw materials

HOGGERS Berry Blast treat is made from high quality human grade boneless chicken meat combined with delicious nature identical mixed berry flavours.

HOGGERS is formulated by industry leading experts to provide the best of taste and safety for your furry friend. All ingredients used in HOGGERS are ‘Generally Recognized as Safe’ by leading food safety organizations across the world.

To further enhance the safety of the product we use only fresh products selectively sourced from highly experience and well know producers from across the country. Every product made by B&K Products is thoroughly tested to ensure the best of taste and safety.

Ingredients & Nutrition


Fresh Boneless Chicken, Wheat Flour, Water, Glycerin ,Gelatin, Gluten, Starch, Sugar, HVP, Emulsifiers, Salt, Color, Mixed berry flavour, Preservatives & Antioxidants.


Feeding Instructions

Storage Guidelines

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Make sure the seal in intact before buying.

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