In year 2004 Kaushal was adopted by a Great Dane named Scotch, and they formed a strong bond of friendship. Kaushal struggled with finding good quality dog biscuits and treats for Scotch and so decided to bake some biscuits at home with the help of Boski. Soon these dog treats were in demand by other pet parents of their local dog park. With immense encouragement from family, fellow pet parents and the opportunity presented with, Kaushal and Boski decided to take things to the next level by establishing a small bakery and started their entrepreneurial journey by establishing B&K Products (known as PETDIG back then) in 2011. The small bakery has now grown into a state-of-the-art factory where various high-quality biscuits and treats are manufactured by a team of experts and highly skilled staff.

Both of them since then have worked with many Food technologist, microbiologists, engineers and nutritionists and have read numerous books on the subject to learn about food processing. Today, Kaushal and Boski are considered experts of dog treats manufacturing in India.

Inspired by the loyalty a dog shows to his human friend, Kaushal and Boski are dedicated to improving quality, processes and products to bring the best for your furry friend.

First in the country to manufacture natural and grain-free treats for dogs
First in the country to develop 100% natural, 100% vegetarian and delicious Paneer based treats for pets.
First in the country to develop baked food range with natural fruits and vegetables. A high quality option highly appreciated by pet owners and their loving pets
Launched new flavours in PETDIG biscuits with benefits of natural ingredients and herbs
Expanded flavours range of HOGGERS dog treats by adding 3 more SKUs
Established private label wing to offer tasty and
healthy products to other brands in the country.
First in India to make meaty treats. Each variant made with unique and nutritious ingredients like Honey, Lamb, Liver, Smoked chicken.
Expanded retail presence all across India.
Established the company with first in India MultiGrain Dog Biscuits. First dog biscuits to be made with ragi and other whole grains and real fresh Chicken.